Other User's Force - View Only

Unit NameCount *
Steelhead Rifleman
Steelhead Halberdiers
Rupert Carvalo
Dirty Meg
Renegade Troop Carrier
Talon Attack Craft
Steelhead Cavalry Grenadier
Steelhead Cavalry Trooper
Vanguard Lt Warjack
Steelhead Cavalry Gunner
Stannis Brocker
Nomad Med Warjack
Mule Combat Vehicle
Freebooter Command Vehicle
Wraughthammer Battle Tank
Drake McBane
Magnus the Warlord

*Note: by design only one card is outputed for each Unit Entry. The count value is used in calculating force point cost.
If you wish to have multiple duplicate cards included in a force then add one entry for each card that you require.