Other User's Force - View Only

Unit NameCount *
Colonel-General von Shimo
Rag-tag Raiders
Guerrilla Raiders
Heavy Raiders
Ambush Butchers
The Bus
Burning Star
Trooper (Plasma)
Trooper (HMG)
Battle Buggy
(Recycling Bin) ST Laser
(Junkyard) Light Tank
(Snapping Turtle) MBT
(Scrap Heap) MBT
Scout Buggy
Marshal Kiloton
Commander Rasnov
Sub-Marshal Àmalie
TOW Hilux
Truck Gunner
Rising Sun
Trooper (Marksman)
Trooper (Mortar)
Infiltrator Squad
Sickle Surgeons

*Note: by design only one card is outputed for each Unit Entry. The count value is used in calculating force point cost.
If you wish to have multiple duplicate cards included in a force then add one entry for each card that you require.