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Unit NameCount *
Soyuz Commander
Souyz Medical Pod
Atakovat' Sobaku
Soyuz Infantry Mortar Teams
Tigr 47
Soyuz Infantry APC
Soyuz Infantry
"Merka" Tank
Apokalipsis Assault Tank
Lavina Heavy Walker
Molot Heavy Walker
Ursa Type - Urban
Borov Type - LRC
Borov Type - Anti-Armor
Borov Type - Anti-Infantry
Soyuz Infantry - Snipers
Soyuz Infantry - Flamer
Soyuz Infantry - Missile
Soyuz Spetsnaz - Close Quarters
Soyuz Spetsnaz - Suppression
Soyuz Spetsnaz - Infiltrators
Soyuz Spetsnaz - Anti-Vehicle
Soyuz Spetsnaz - Capture Team
Falanga Gunship
Ispolin Dropship
Kolossus - Superheavy Type
Kolossus - Mecha Type
Falanga Gunship
Ispolin Dropship
Kolossus - Mecha Type
Kolossus - Superheavy Type

*Note: by design only one card is outputed for each Unit Entry. The count value is used in calculating force point cost.
If you wish to have multiple duplicate cards included in a force then add one entry for each card that you require.