Other User's Force - View Only

Unit NameCount *
1 Steiner 'Colonel'
2 Marbo 'Shiv'
3 Schaffer 'Fingers'
4 Beddoe 'Ox'
5 Munny 'Demo-man'
6 Bielski 'Hero'
7 Gant 'Brains'
8 Vladek 'Animal'
9 Pinkley 'Grease Monkey'
10 Miller 'Warrior'
11 Zaitsev 'Scope'
12 Hilts 'Rocket'

*Note: by design only one card is outputed for each Unit Entry. The count value is used in calculating force point cost.
If you wish to have multiple duplicate cards included in a force then add one entry for each card that you require.