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Unit NameCount *
Ikwen "Holy One"
Ikwen Militia Leader
Ikwen Croaker
Ikwen Militia Fighters
Ikwen Militia Squad
Ikwen Hokora Veterans
Ikwen Rocket Team
Ikwen Sniper
Ikwen Fusion Cutter
Ikwen Fusion Cell Bomber
Ikwen Civilian Mob
Ikwen "Ki-Ki-Zkoot" Fanatics
Ikwen Rocket Roller
Ikwen Gun Roller
Ikwen Mugoda Squad
Ikwen Modified Industrial Exo (Plasma)
Ikwen Mugoda Coil Gun
Ikwen Steppe Tribe Leader
Ikwen Steppe Tribe Riders
Ikwen Hill Tribe Leader
Ikwen Hill Tribe Warriors
Ikwen Karva Hounds
Ikwen Tribesmen

*Note: by design only one card is outputed for each Unit Entry. The count value is used in calculating force point cost.
If you wish to have multiple duplicate cards included in a force then add one entry for each card that you require.