Multi Card PDF Creation Guide

Important: If you want to create an army/force that is saved online, has a force description, total cost and total unit list, and is viewable by others online then you want to create a Force instead of a Multi Card PDF.

Multi Card PDFs are a quick way to select 1 to 5 copies of a number of units and have up to 24 of them output on an up to 3 page long PDF. Force creation supports all of this and more and is the suggested way to manage army creation.

Step 1: Select View Units from the top navigation bar.

Step 2: Select any units you wish to add, via the 'Create Multi Card PDF' column.

You may select 1 to 5 copies of a unit's card to be included via this drop-down selection box.

The table may be sorted by Name, Owner or Unit cost. Select the table header columns to change sorting order.

Step 3: Select the 'Create Multi Card PDF' button in the table header.